What we do.

From the supply and installation of IT and Security infrastructure systems to integration and maintenance of solutions, Symetrix is dedicated to oaring the highest quality of products and services. We deliver full service solutions by understanding the needs of our customers, with a growing staff compliment and capabilities across South Africa, and a growing list of top end customers.

We are completely brand agnostic organisation, as we understand the importance of suggesting a vendor with a good cultural t to your organisation, with a proven track record in your vertical along with aftersales and support needs. Every client is dierent, it is therefore extremely important that we align a vendors strengths to each client’s needs, where possible.

Our Services

These end-to-end solutions include analysis and design, installation and integration allowing us the necessary insight to realise impressive ROI figures, while meeting the technical demands and company objectives of your business.

Our enthusiastic, dynamic team all possess a strong desire to achieve a high standard of work, ultimately sharing a common goal of customer satisfaction. This daily drive has ensured lasting client relationships, making us trusted advisors to our clients.

Why Choose Us


We’re honest, and do what we say we will. We take responsibility for our work and constantly check its quality.

Keep Learning

We help our clients get the most out of their technology by constantly learning ourselves.


We think of ourselves as an integral part of your business, and so we make sure we understand how you work.

Unexpected Crisis

Catastrophic system and hardware failures do happen, and generally wait for the most inopportune moment. We understand that there isn’t much worse than dealing with an unexpected crisis without access to spares and expertise easily available during operating hours.


We are a 24/7 operation and each one of our staff members is contactable every hour of every day should you need immediate assistance.


We’re ready to change as technology and business changes. We see change as a positive and adapt to it. The most dangerous words in business are, “But, we have always done it this way.”

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